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Padder's tools are free for landlords

We want to make it easy for independent landlords to run their rental businesses. To help as many landlords as possible, our core tools for landlords are free, with no strings attached.

Reliable income

Get your rental income deposited faster with automated rental payments. 

Coordinate repairs

Easily intake repair requests and notify tenants about the status of repairs.

Don't spend a dime

Collect rent, coordinate maintenance requests and track expenses for free.


Padder's tools makes being a landlord easy

Rent collection

Receive deposits, monthly rent payments, and other bills directly in your bank account at no additional cost

Your rent is sent into your account as soon as your residents pay, with no holding period

Tenants can automatically pay their rent for free with their chequing accounts or credit card for a small fee

Rent autopilot (Landlord).png
Rent Collection
Repair request.png

Maintenance coordination

Your tenants can request repairs from any device at any time with detailed information, and photos

Notify tenants about the status of repairs and contractor visits

The Padder team can quickly help you source the right qualified and insured trades-person


Tenant retention

Padder allows tenants' to report rental payments to Equifax, helping them build their credit history

Seamlessly communicate with your tenants through Padder's iOS and Android apps

Tenants can easily split their rent with roommates 

Credit building (1).png
Delight tenants
Expense tracking.png

Stay organized

With the Padder portal, you get visibility into your investment property's performance

All of your documents are stored in the Padder Portal, accessible for any device

Access maintenance and transaction history expense reports, making tax preparation a breeze

Door with check mark
Smart landlords choose Padder to take the stress out of renting.
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