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Padder makes renting work for everyone

With Padder, renters can easily pay rent online, build their credit history, and flag any issues. We make renting rewarding while ensuring tenants' money and information are secure.

The best way to rent

Padder helps tenants keep everything related to renting in order.

A better financial future

Padder allows renters to build credit history. Helping set them up for success.

Attract better tenants

Padder's easy-to-use platform offers tenants a better renting experience.

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Padder's tools makes being a renter easy

Pay rent your way

Automatic monthly payments mean you never have to worry about forgetting to send your rent

Securely pay rent with your chequing accounts for free or for a small fee with credit card

Easily split rent payments with roommates

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Rent Collection
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Build credit history

Report your rent payments to Equifax, so you can build your credit history by paying your rent

Renters with better credit can save thousands of dollars on financial products

Export your verified rent record and use it to get the next place


Easy maintenance requests

With our iOS and Android app, you can send detailed repair requests at any time

We'll gather all the information from residents to diagnose the problem

The Padder team can quickly source the right qualified and insured trades-person

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Smart landlords choose Padder to take the stress out of renting.
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