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Padder Approved

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With Padder Approved units, you get paid on time every time. We guarantee landlords receive their rent payment even if a tenant's rent is late or unpaid. As landlords and tenants, we understand the anxiety rent collection can induce, so we built Padder Approved units to make renting better for everyone.

Get paid, no matter what

Sleep better knowing that Padder ensures the rent is paid every month.

Rent your unit faster

With Padder Approved your tenants don't need deposits or tenant insurance.

Give your tenants flexibility

Late rent forgiveness and cash advances let tenants meet their financial obligations.


How does it work?


Rent loss

15% of renters are in default on rent in America. We pay a Landlords' rent loss if the Renter is in default and in violation of the lease agreement up to the term of the lease agreement. 


Late rent forgiveness

We recognize Renters are faced with tough budgeting issues, and time is needed. Renters can defer rent for up to 3 weeks if needed at no cost or fees as long as it is paid back in 3 weeks.


Security deposits

42% of renters have no savings. We guarantee security deposits for last month's rent and damage and will pay on demand if the Renter is in violation of the lease agreement.


Rent Advance

We help Renters when the unexpected happens. We will advance a Renter 1 month's rent for no cost or fees if the advance is paid back in 3 months.


Renters insurance

57% of Renters do not have renters insurance. PerfectPay includes up to $100,000 in content and liability coverage for the term of the lease agreement.


Involuntary job loss

We want to keep Renters in their homes. We will pay up to 3 months of rent if a Renter has involuntarily lost their job and has been approved for UI. 

How much does it cost?

PerfectPay Fee:


$1000 Rent Charged
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