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Padder gives you and your tenants peace of mind

We make it easy for independent landlords to run their rental businesses. Set up your first unit in minutes and access the Padder Platform for free, with no strings attached.

It frees you up for the good stuff

Padder makes it easy to get your rental up and running and put on auto-pilot.

It connects you to your tenants

Everything from rent to repairs, Padder helps you and your tenants stay on the same page.

It helps you be a better landlord

Padder's easy-to-use platform makes you the best landlord you can be.


Price your rental

With our proprietary pricing algorithm, we help you set an accurate rent price for your property

Understand the price per sq. ft. in your area and see the details of similar listings

Gain a deeper understanding of historical and current trends on vacancies, rents, and more

Tenant dashboard.png

Screen prospective tenants

Our applications include the essential info you need to decide if a renter's right for you

Credit reports, and identity verification, provide a complete picture of your applicants

Close out the leasing process with e-signature documents tailored to your specification


Collect rental payments

Receive deposits and monthly rent payments directly in your bank account at no additional cost

Your rent is sent into your account as soon as your residents pay, with no holding period

Tenants can split bills with roommates, pay for free with their chequing accounts or with their card for a fee

Rent autopilot (Landlord).png
Repair request.png

Solve maintenance requests

Your tenants can request repairs from any device at any time with detailed information, and photos

The Padder team can quickly help you source the right qualified and insured trades-person

Notify tenants about the status of repairs and contractor visits

Stay organized

With the Padder Portal, you get visibility into your investment property's performance

Access maintenance and transaction history expense reports

Easily export your expenses in CSV, making tax prep a breeze

Expense tracking.png
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